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Dirt    Note:  at this time, we no longer have a Dirt Yard. 

Bastrop county soils exhibit great variety, ranging from sandy, gravelly, and acidic on the east side of the river, to loamy and neutral along the river valley, to claypan and alkaline on the west side of the river.   However, in most cases, amending the soil with compost is a good thing to do.

  Compost addition has many benefits, including aerating the soil, improving drainage characteristics, and adding nutrients.  One of the best composts you can buy is Dillo Dirt, a product of the City of Austin's waste treatment facility at Hornsby Bend.  Dirt and Roses Nursery is one of two approved vendors for Dillo Dirt in Bastrop County. 

 Dillo Dirt is EPA-approved for use on all plants, including your vegetable garden, is consistently good, and is economically priced.  We sell Dillo Dirt by the cubic yard or bring your own bucket.  We also mix Dillo Dirt compost with soil in different ratios to produce a Garden Blend. 

 Other Dirt Yard products include gravel, road base, mulch, container mix, decomposed granite, rocks, sand, and soil.